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I have been originating and closing loans for over 15 years. I started in the business in El Paso, TX. Where my wife and I had our own mortgage branch for 6 years. We moved to Vegas 7 years ago and have been lucky enough to work with some awesome people in this great town. We have 2 high schoolers who keep us pretty busy, and between them and helping people achieve the dream of home ownership, our lives are quite full. I love the L.A. DODGERS & the L.A. RAMS and for me, there are only 2 seasons every year: Football season and NOT football season I love to help people in any capacity I can, and can't wait to help you with your home finance needs.

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Tito Martinez
NMLS# 197713
Phone: (915) 443-4941
Email: tmartinez@boemortgage.com

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Customer Testimonials

Job well done!!!
Tito and Gina were amazing. I understand most stellar reviews, are written with intent to praise. However, my review not only praises, but truly recognizes their diligent work, knowledge of the home loan realm, as well as true customer services. I have five properties, one being my primary residence, and the other four are rental investment homes. I have a complicated file, but by no means is my file impossible. I earn well into the six figures, and have a 700+ credit score. My Debt to income ratio is also well in control. That being said, it is a bit challenging to understand my file, with the multiple rental properties, and refinancing them, could pose a challenge to the inexperienced. I worked with a couple of mortgage companies beginning in February of 2018. This included running my credit, providing the mountain of documents that are usually requested, multiple appraisals, because they kept expiring. By the time the underwriter would get around to reviewing my file, appraisals would expire, and would need to re order, and then would have to get new HOA docs for some of my homes because they wouldn't understand them, new bank statements because they would also expire, and this became a vicious cycle to never ending close. Because the underwriters were not experienced in a nut shell it was a true nightmare from February 2018 through August 2018. Then I was introduced to Tito and Gina in September of 2018. I had an open conversation with them about my situation, and the run around I was given. Both of them sternly said, we will close you in a month, because they knew the right questions to ask HOA, the right documents to request, so the file would have minimum comments from underwriters. Gina reviewed all of my documents that I had previously pulled. She threw away what she felt was not needed, and requested what she felt was needed. In three weeks, Gina and Tito were able to get underwriter approval, on three of my properties. I only initially wanted one property refinanced which was my primary. However, Gina and Tito reviewed my entire portfolio, and was able to refinance three of the five of my properties. The only reason I didn't do the other two was because they felt my rate was good and not worth the refinance. With the refinancing of my three properties, they saved me well over 2,000 per month which is very much felt in my monthly budget. They did more successful work in three weeks then the other banks did in 7 months. Gina and Tito are a pleasure to work with as well. They are beyond responsive, and truly know how to treat their clients. I don't usually write reviews like this, but I am so very thankful for everything they have done for me! Not only to I recommend them, but I would put my name on it as well. I don't know how to articulate my since appreciation, respect and gratitude other than, THANK YOU for an amazing job!! I wish we would have met many years ago, as I was purchasing my properties!!!
- Armando Salazar | October 2018